Welcome to Peace.

A vibrant Sault Ste. Marie based restaurant.


About us.

At Peace we are all about the unique. It is our goal to provide the community with a new way of dining; enriching palates with remarkable dishes. We want to push the boundaries of our patrons’ expectations so they  can find peace and comfort in the company they keep.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday – Saturday

11:30 – 03:00, 05.00 – 11.00


05.00 – 11.00

Sunday – Monday


Elegant design, vibrant ambiance.

A peaceful spot for those long nights of sipping wine, laughing with friends, and aromas that remind you of just how hungry you are.



Share. Converse. Enjoy.

When guests are sharing a meal, it sparks lightbulb moments triggered by food they have never experienced before. At Peace, we have created a place that has a focus on shareable cuisines, creating an atmosphere that stimulates conversation and connection.



Half Dozen, Sake Yuzu Mignonette, Lemon, Horseradish, Hot Sauce


Fried Chicken Boa

Pickles, Hot Sauce, Dill Ranch, Honey, Scallions


Wasabi Sesame Beef Tartare

Filet, Beef Heart, Egg, Yolk, Mustard Seed, Pretzel Crostini (df)


Chilled Octo

Pickled Cucumber, Paprika, Chilies, Grapefruit, Mint (df)


Mushroom + Miso Carbonara

Udon, Oyster Mushrooms, Lardons, Nori, Ramen Eggs


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